Bratislava & Schlosshof

2 days (26. - 27. Oktober 2019)
Visit Bratislava and the castle courtyard with us. Experience the culture of the pretty city at the border triangle.
€ 199,-
per P.

1. day – Bratislava

The pretty town on the border triangle has so much to offer. Lively wine cellars, eventful history and lots of culture – Bratislava is full of surprises and is the perfect destination for a small city break.Modern bridges and futuristic buildings alternate here with the classical buildings from the time of the Hungarian kings, surrounded by residential districts shooting up around the city center.As the only capital, Bratislava also borders on two different national borders, namely those of Austria and Hungary. This geographical location makes the city on the Danube a very special meeting point of different cultures, which show their influence here and make Bratislava a cultural center.


2. day – Schlosshof – Niederweiden

You can discover Schloss Hof in all its diversity! Stroll through the magnificent apartments of the castle with its precious furniture, exquisite textiles and glass chandeliers. Or discover the baroque garden with the unique Broderie beds.In the hunting lodge Niederweiden not far from Schloss Hof, the theme of food is explained. While in Schloss Hof everything revolves around the production, so to speak “from the earth to the plate”, one experiences on the castle Niederweiden the influence of the sensory experience on our food by smell, noise, haptics and optics.Worth seeing is also the connected, baroque game kitchen with true to original furnishings. The patisserie of Schloss Niederweiden is open during the exhibition season.


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