Braunau, Altötting & Burghausen

2 days (15. - 16. Oktober 2019)
Visit Braunau, Altötting and Burghausen with us. Experience with us rich history first hand.
€ 199,-
per P.

1. day – Braunau – Altötting

The city of Braunau has a rich history as originally Bavarian fortress and trading city. The important Gothic church of St. Stephan and its high church tower impressively demonstrate the economic importance of Braunau in the late Middle Ages.Altötting has been the spiritual center of Bavaria for more than 1250 years, and has been Germany’s most important place of pilgrimage for more than 500 years. In addition, Altötting is one of the “Shrines of Europe”, the seven most important Marian pilgrimage destinations in Europe.

2. day – Burghausen

More than a kilometer long – exactly 1051 meters – enthroned the mighty castle over the listed old town in Bavaria with its 1000 years of cultural history: Apparently without end the walls, battlements, towers and chapels stretch over a narrow mountain tongue, embedded between the natural paradise Wöhrsee and the Alpine glittering Salzach.The old ducal city of Burghausen is the largest city in the Upper Bavarian district of Altötting. It is located on the Salzach, which forms the border with Austria.Burghausen is a city of outstanding cultural, but also economic importance for the entire region, a lively city that draws its charm from the contrast of high-tech and history.


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