Graz and much more

2 days (21. - 22. April 2020)
Visit Graz with us and experience the Lurgrotte, the open-air museum as well as the clock tower and the castle Eggenberg.
€ 199,-
per P.

1. day – Lurgrotte – open-air museum

The Lurgrotte Peggau is Austria’s largest water-drilled limestone cave. The indoor temperature is + 10 ° C all year round and the humidity is almost 95%. You walk on paved paths comfortably 1 kilometer into the cave interior, that is, you cover a distance of 2 kilometers.

As one of the 10 large open-air museums in Europe, the Austrian Open-Air Museum Stübing with 100 objects offers an overview of house landscapes from 6 centuries.

2. day – Clock Tower – Castle Eggenberg

The mighty Bürgerbastei, on which the clock tower stands, had – as their name says – to be defended in time of war by the citizens of Graz. Today it is a magnificent garden with flowers, some very southern plants and numerous benches. To stay and enjoy the view of the city and beyond. If the almost 300 steps from the Schlossbergplatz to the Uhrturm or the footpath over the Sporgasse are a bit too sporty for you, then choose between Schlossbergbahn with panoramic views or a glass lift inside the Schlossbergfelsen.

The center of the second largest city in Austria can be experienced quite comfortably and almost all sights and museums are within easy walking distance. Do not worry, the Grazer Guides serve not only historical facts and dry numbers, but also a lot of interesting facts about the city, its inhabitants, the buildings and some entertaining history.

Schloss Eggenberg is the largest and most important baroque palace in Styria. It is one of the most valuable cultural treasures of Austria with its preserved original equipment, the extensive landscape garden and the collections of the Universalmuseum Joanneum housed in the castle.


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