Regensburg & Altmühltal

2 days (14. - 16. April 2020)
Regensburg, the "medieval wonder of Germany" has been included in the UNESCO list as a World Heritage Site. Book now
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1. day – Walhalla – Regensburg

Only 10 kilometers from the gates of the beautiful city of Regensburg, the Bavarian King Ludwig I has artfully realized with the Walhalla. He had a glory and honor hall built by one of the most important architects of classicism Leo von Klenze. The construction site on the Bräuberg on the banks of the Danube was very well chosen. Even from a distance, the mighty classical building impresses its observer.

Regensburg, the “medieval wonder of Germany” was added to the UNESCO list in July 2006 as a World Heritage Site. The city founded by the Romans with its almost 2000 years of history offers unique impressions to its visitors. Alone in the old town there are nearly a thousand monuments to discover. For Regensburg was a politically central place in Europe for centuries. In the “Everlasting Reichstag” in Regensburg, European political history was written at a time when the term “European Union” had not even been invented.


2. day – Weltenburg – Donaudurchbruch – Altmühltal – Riedenburg

Directly on a Danube loop not far from Kelheim, lies the monastery Weltenburg. The monastery is embedded in one of the most beautiful river landscapes in Germany. Already 45 AD begins at Weltenburg an important Roman border and military road.

Marvel at the world’s largest rock crystal group of about 8 tons in the Crystal Museum in Riedenburg. The tourmalines are also captivating with their unique colors, which are rarely seen in such great variety. Emerald crystals, gems and silver ores complete the sparkling impression of this treasure trove.

3. day – Thurn & Taxis – St.Emmeram

The castle of the princely family Thurn und Taxis in Regensburg was built from a former Benedictine monastery from the 8th century. It is one of the largest private castles in Europe. The castle of St. Emmeram is still the residence of the Thurn & Taxis family today.


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