Enjoy Budapest

3 days (05. - 07. November 2019)
Visit with us the Hungarian capital. Budapest has a lot to offer and has a few surprises in store.
€ 349,-
per P.

Experience the Hungarian capital!

The Fishermen’s Bastion (Hungarian Halászbástya) is a neo-Romanesque monument erected by Frigyes Schulek between 1895 and 1902. It rises on the castle hill on the site of the medieval fish market of Buda. The name comes from a fishing guild for whom the monument was erected. This guild had to defend this section of the city wall in the Middle Ages. The bizarre building, with its conical towers to remind of the tents of the Magyars, is used as a viewing terrace on the Danube and Pest.

In the market hall are located on three floors over 180 stalls and shops, plus two supermarkets. Upstairs there are souvenir shops, food stalls and a bistro.
Until 1932, the market hall was the largest and most important marketplace in Budapest. Even today, the hall is one of the city’s central shopping centers, and is visited by locals and tourists. In the basement there are fish stalls and aquariums.

Of course there is much more to discover in Budapest. Let yourself be surprised!

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